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Founder & Coach

After more than 12 years of occupying positions as Teamleader General Ledger and Assistant Controller, Luz Adriana Jaramillo discovered that one of her talents is inspiring and, literally and figuratively, get individuals and groups in to 'action'. In 2016, After a burn-out, she decided to pursue her passion and started her Personal Coaching business. Now, almost 4 years later, she has not only been able to guide more than 300 people personally, but she is also a Combined Lifestyle Intervention Coach (Post HBO GLI coach) specializade in training and chronic illness. In addition, she is also committed to teaching the next generation of personal trainers and helping them get started. As a driven entrepreneur with the necessary experience in the corporate realm, and as a mother, she knows as no other that a home-work balance is an important condition for productivity and success. What she had really noticed is that attention to the physical aspect alone is not sufficient to achieve and maintain optimum results. That is why she emphasizes balance, sustainability and self-reliance in her vitality programs and interventions.

Luz: "I believe in creating a community where people can be themselves. I believe in thinking differently, acting differently and learning differently. In a way that is feasible, realistic but above all fun. With our customized mental & physical programs, we transfer knowledge and skills so that people undergo the sustainable transformation that they so desire. So self-reliance can become part of their lives. "


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