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Who are we?

Get Personal Now is an organization that dedicates itself to a healthy and balanced lifestyle with great passion. Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their vitality goals through the transfer of our knowledge, the development of skills and the personal attention. This al with self-reliance as the goal.

Our Programs are based on 4 pillars:

Motion & Fun / Nutrition & Lifestyle / Relaxation & Balance / Proactivity & Behavior

What can we help you with?

Personal training

Every body is structured differently and every person has a different objective. That is why we think it is important to make a targeted action plan together with you in order to achieve the desired result.
Your goals are determined during an introductory meeting. And a suitable package and plan is then discussed.

Small group training

If Personal Training is a bit to much, then Small Group Personal Training might suit you better. With this training you exercise in a small group of 3 to 6 people. Nevertheless you'll experience the motivation and coaching that a Personal Trainer can offer you. Attention, results and pleasure are the center at all times.

Medical fitness
We gladly contribute to your quality of life. We give you the attention needed  so that you can move better again, become fitter and feel great again.
Nutrition program

Our personal approach in our nutrition programs distinguish us from others. These are not only nice, but also tasty and varied. The eating schedules are tailor-made for you and also easy to follow. The program also provides grocery lists and your whole family can participate.

For whom? People who:

  • Want to lose 8 to 16 pounds in a quarter
  • Don't want to crash
  • Are looking for something permanent

Sportfasting is a challenging and spicy training program to feel fitter and more energetic. The specific combination of exercise, juice fasting and the use of certain nutritional supplements makes your body switch from sugar to fat burning. In 10 days you will not only become fitter, but improve your sports performance and lower your body weight as well. A total of 30,000 Sports fasters embraced this training method. Their average results were as follows:

  1. An average of 4 to 12 pounds of weight loss
  2. More energy & a fitter feeling
  3. Improved sports results
  4. Average 3 to 7 centimeters less belly size
Detox protocol

The Fittergy Vegan Switch is a 10-day detox diet where you effectively detox your body. This gives you more energy and a slimmer, fitter body! The Vegan Switch is no ordinary detox, but developed on the basis of the latest scientific insights. This has shown that you detoxify better by eating a lot of vegetable including a number of vegan days.

The benefits of effective detoxification are:

• Up to 4 kilos weight loss
• A reinforced intestinal flora
• More energy and a fitter feeling
• A beautiful skin

Transformation program

This is a process that focuses on total change. Meaning that, in addition to the physical aspect, attention is also paid to other obstructing factors that prevent you from achieving your (health) goals. Do you want to know more about tailor-made combined lifestyle interventions? Feel free to make an appointment without obligation.



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