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Your employees are the beating heart of your organization. That is why the principle ‘caring for your people’ is an essential concept applied by leading organisations to create an amazing work environment for them. A place where people are valued, involved, productive and successful.
Other great employers such as Booking.com already apply this concept within their organisation.

Will you also lead and invest in the welfare of your staff?

Sharp solutions
To Get Personal Now vitality is not just about physical and mental health. It is about pleasure, energy, focussing on the important things in life, such as quality time, friends and family. By supporting your employees across all aspects of their home lives, you will be helping them to be at their best not just off the job but especially ON it.

This is why we love to partner with other suppliers that share our same values and principles. If there is common ground, the value can be added and complementary aspects are used to enable each other and continue where most people/businesses stagnate. One of our very valued partners is Maid In Full. Together with them, we facilitate employers in helping their people function optimally and raise employee engagement and productivity to a higher level.

Maid in Full

Is a home & business service-provider facilitating company with supportive and modular build services. This allows you, as an applicant, to personalize your wishes regarding your services in and around your home and/or business. The facilitate in a large variety of services and can provide in almost all your wishes when it comes to your own personal facility services from the comfort of your own home.

Home Services
Such as Handy/repairmen, Plumbers, Movers, Garden maintenance, Carpenters, Window-Cleaners, Interior Stylists, Various cleaning services, Pest Control, Storage Spaces

Family Care & Support
Such as Babysitters, Au pairs, Nannies, Elderly support, Dog-walkers, Pet-sitters, Private cooks, Shopping-service, Personal assistants, Laundry-service, Tutors at home

Beauty & Wellness
Such as Pedi- & Manicures, Hair & Make-up, Lashes & Brows, Relaxation & Therapeutic massages, Lypo-massage, Skin treatments.

Fitness & Vitality
Such as Personal (outdoor) Trainers, Yoga teachers, Nutrition and balance coaching, (sport)masseurs.

Other Services
Such as Event & party planning at home, Workshops at home Computer assistance at home & many more!

Why Customers Recommend Maid in Full

Home Management

Various services from the comfort of your own home, all under one roof!


Prices starting from €13,90 per hour


All their service -providers have been carefully selected and vetted.

Family Care & Support

Their clients are our family, they do everything with devotion and care.

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