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For whom?

Get Personal Now also stands for cancer survivors as from three months after their last treatment. People that recognize the following:

  • Reduction in quality of life
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased physical condition
  • Change of body weight

Cancer type or age are not important. We are here for everyone.

Various treatment methods often have a long-term negative effect on health and body. They are often accompanied by both visible and invisible side effects. These side effects can occur immediately but also in the later term. This entails an imbalance in the body. This could have an effect on the various physical processes that are also addressed during physical activity.
By firs mapping the health by anamnesis and the application of a risk analysis will provide us with a clear picture of the physical and psychological health status, capacity and starting level of the client. After this we can create a safe and adapted exercise program. Any referrals or additional approvals from specialists or practitioners have constant attention. The presence of co-morbid complaints is also mapped during this phase. Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting.
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